Welcome! – Velkommen! – Tervetuloa! – Välkommen!

To your unique learning experience!

Are you interested in learning how to cultivate and develop our precious soil and the various plants that grow on it? Do you want to know how you can best care for and live together with our domesticated and wild animals?  Do you want to be part of serving society with our basic human needs – recreation and food?

Then you should consider joining the BINGN Apprenticeship Program!

The BINGN Apprenticeship Program is a 3 years education for Biodynamic Agriculture. The education is private and takes place in the Nordic countries Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, organised through the BINGN-Network.

BINGN provides you with a unique learning experience, combining individual long-term internships on farms with intensive seminar sessions in a small group of students and a personal follow-up through a mentor.

Next admission will be for the study-year 2019. Applications are open for citizens of the Nordic countries and other countries in the EU/EES. Deadline for applications is October 1, 2018. If you have relevant experiences or education, it might also be possible to join one of the existing groups.

Just contact us for more information!

Your BINGN-Team