All You Need To Know About Latest And Modern Routers!

Long gone are the days when in order to set up an inter connection there used to be loops of wires that were coming from here and there, in order to establish internet connection. With speedy upheaval in the technology, we are no longer tied, best wireless routers under 100 within the shackles of the wires and chords. Well, this piece of annotation is not about technology and internet on the contrary, here we bring you one of the most important elements for setting up the internet connection, and that is Wifi routers!

For an average person, it is certainly difficult to understand the terms and specification when it comes to Wifi routers. In addition, if you are advancing to buy a router, here we bring you how you can easily find the best routers that would meet your requirements To apprise you here we bring you little back drop so that you can easily drop the dough on the right best wifi routers of 2016.

Backdrop of wireless routers technology!

All the wireless routers consist of three-point network switch wireless, access point and of course the router. The main aim of the router is of managing and directing the traffic to the different devices that are connected to your network. In the simplest of language, it is responsible for sending data from your network to another network. One can easily find numerous types of the routers that are available in the market and to provide little information here we bring types of the routers that you can easily find them and the purpose they serve and that are as follows:

  • Dual band router: This is most common types of routers are dual band routers as they operate on two different frequencies i.e. 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz. In addition, if you are  having less budget then dual band routers are best buy as they are pocket friendly and you can easily make your home Wi-Fi zone for seamless internet connectivity.
  • Tri –band routers: have three wireless signals one at 2.4 GHZ and two at 5 GHZ, and the best part is the these three band routers have crazy throughput. The real strength of triple band routers is that they can efficiently handle multiple devices that are connected with the one wireless network.
  • N600 Routers: these routers are capable of delivering 300 mbps simultaneously on two-frequency band namely2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ. In addition, considering the connection and modern internet speed this is not a viable option.


With so many brands that are available in the market and each of them claims to  the best wifi routers of 2016,but it is important to do the leg work as  this will help you to pick the right broad band router, which  will help  you to set up internet connection. In addition, apart from doing the research work it is important to see the non – bias and independent reviews as this will undoubtedly help you to drop the dough on the right Wi-Fi routers that will help you to steady internet connection.