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1st Seminar March 2015 – still possible to sign up!

Program & Invitation 1st BINGN Seminar 2015!

1st – 7th March 2015; Fokhol gård; Stange, Norway



Dear Friend,

our first Seminar for the new BINGN course in 2015 will be at the biodynamic farm Fokhol gård in Stange, close to the beautiful lake Mjøsa in Norway (1,5 hours north from Oslo).

Fokhol Gård                           e-mail:

Fokholgutua 216,                   Tel.:     00476257 19

2335 Stange



We will have a divers program with farm visits, intensive teachings about soil science, history of agriculture & mankind; we will do arts and nature observations together and we will haveplenty of time to work on your questions about the education and your future plans as a biodynamic farmer! You will find the detailed Program below or click here.

There will be a parallel seminar (partly together) with the “old” BINGN (“Group BINGN-A”) Students that started the education in 2014!



The seminar fee will be 2000 NOK, covering the costs during the seminar (food, accomodation, teaching etc.). These 2000 NOK will serve as a deposit to the yearly fee of 15.000 NOK for the whole education. Please pay the fee until 28th of February to this account:

Biologisk-Dynamisk Forening

Reference: BINGN-B mars 2015               

IBAN:                   NO6712540504251




The closest train station is “Stange”. From there you can have a nice 30-minutes-walk to the farm or if you contact us early enough, we can pick you up at the station.The closest Airport is “Oslo Gardermoen”.


Food & Accomodation:

You will stay in rooms with two or three other people. If you need a single room (for an extra charge) you can contact us. There will be beds, mattresses, blankets and pillows; BUT you need to BRING YOUR OWN BEDCLOTHES AND SHEETS!

We will partly be served food and partly prepare our own meals. If you have any allergies etc., please contact us soon enough. For further question contact us at


your BINGN-Team!



1st seminar program 2015

Support the next generation of biodynamic farmers!



Most of us are becoming more and more aware of what we eat, how it is grown, where it comes from and how it is treated along the way. This is one of the most optimistic trends of our time; to see how the younger generations are becoming more and more aware of this, not only the ideas, but in action. Many who read this know Oslo Cooperative, where there are long waiting lists for membership, it is simply trouble finding enough vegetables to anyone who wants to order, be it organic or biodynamic products. Who will be our farmers? A profession where you cannot take your cell phone with you while milking, or download an app that shovels manure, this is hard physical work.

Do not despair – THEY ARE ALREADY THERE!
BINGN – a 3-years practice-based education in biodynamic agriculture started in February 2014 with 10 students from the Nordic countries. There is more demand and we will start a new course in March 2015. Students attend five to six seminars spread throughout the year at different locations in the Nordic countries, while they are living and working on farms in between, well equipped with tasks and homework. Well qualified teachers from the Nordic biodynamic environment are giving courses to various topics: there is much to be taught to be able to take responsibility for a farm. Soil, plant, economics, ownership, meteorology, astronomy, machinery…

Maybe we should all take such an education, thus really connect ourselves with the earth. Cultivating, refining the earth have been made throughout human history and is more important than ever; to be aware of what is under our feet. One can almost become religious to think deeply about this; get the experience of the earth as a living being.

The program is under construction and it takes time to get public recognition, yet the legal body is rooted in the biodynamic association in Norway. We have been fortunate to be well supported by some foundations in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, so the first year is secured.
If you are interested in supporting BINGN and these young future farmers with any amount, all hearts will be so excited; not least the hearts of the future.
We want to build up a circle of friends supporting the growth of our future food.


Biologisk dynamisk Forening

Engebrets vei 3

NO – 0275 Oslo

Account Number: 1254.05.04251 marked BINGN
IBAN NO6712540504251

Download and spread this “Call for BINGN Support

New BINGN Course in 2015 – First Seminar!

BINGN Invites you to the first seminar in 2015!

1st – 7th March 2015; Fokhol gård; Stange, Norway

Everyone who is interested in joining the BINGN Apprenticeship Program is invited the next BINGN Seminar.

The Seminar will be at the biodynamic farm Fokhol gård in Stange, close to the beatiful lake Mjøsa in Norway (1,5 hours from Oslo).

For new students the seminar will start Sunday the 1st of March and it will end Saturday the 7th of March.

There will be a parallel seminar (partly together) with the “old” BINGN Students that started the education in 2014!

The seminar fee will be 2000 NOK, covering every costs during the seminar (food, accomodation, teaching etc.)

The content of the seminar is not settled yet, but the program will contain:

  • time to get known with each other
  • farm visits
  • agricultural history
  • agricultural soil science
  • (goetheanistic) nature- and self-observation
  • time for individual talks with the BINGN Mentors about your plans with the education
  • etc.

If you are interested in joining the seminar, please sign up until Monday the 16th of February via:

After signing up you will receive more detailled information about the seminar and the program.


We are looking forward to hear from you!

For further information about the BINGN Apprenticeship Program please visit our homepage or contact us via

New BINGN Flyer & BINGN Handbook

After a long absence of news and updates on this homepage you can now download our new Flyer and the new BINGN-Handbook!

If you want to spread the news online, there is a small flyer for posting online without specific information and a bigger print version of the flyer with more information about the education.

BINGN Flyer 2015 – online version

BINGN Flyer 2015 – print version

The BINGN Handbook is meant to provide general information about the BINGN Apprenticeship Program, such as:

  • Background Information
  • Application & Entry Requirements
  • Structure of the education
  • Content of the curriculum
  • Payment & Agreements
  • etc.

The BINGN Handbook will be updated on occasion!

Check this page for the most recent version.

BINGN Handbook – December 2014

Invitation to the 2nd BINGN seminar!

Skärmavbild 2014-03-27 kl. 19.25.37


10th – 16th of April 2014

Skillebyholm, Järna Sweden

(This seminar is part of the 3 years BINGN apprenticeship program)


In February 2014 the BINGN Apprenticeship Program started with its first seminar in Norway. Now we invite you to the second seminar of the 3 years apprenticeship program.

This time we will focus on the following themes:

  • Soil Science, springtime Soil Cultivation (practical examples, tools and machinery)
  • Botany an Plant Development
  • History of (Scandinavian) Agriculture
  • Meteorology

It is spring and we will spend a lot of the time outside, visiting farmers and gardeners to learn from them in practice.

We will stay at Skillebyholm, a biodynamic training center south of Stockholm. You can read more information about Skillebyholm here:

The seminar fee is 2000 NOK including accommodation and all meals. You will sleep in a dormitory together with the other students.

PLEASE NOTE: the first year of the BINGN Apprenticeship Program has no regular fee! You will pay per seminar. You can apply for travel support during the seminar.

Travel details:

Plane: There are two airports. A small airport called Skavsta (only for Ryanair flights), 60 km south of Järna or Arlanda aiport, 85 km north of Järna.

Train/bus: The easiest way to find a good connection is through
Bus stop “Skilleby” and then it is 5 minutes walk up the driveway to Skillebyholm.

Please sign up by the 4th of April via email to

For further information about the BINGN apprenticeship program please visit our homepage or contact us via

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Invitation to the first BINGN seminar

 We invite you to the first seminar of the BINGN apprenticeship program.


Are you interested in the BINGN apprenticeship program and considering to take part in a unique 3 years training/or the 1-year farmer course for biodynamic agriculture in the Nordic countries?

From the 26th of February until the 2nd of March 2014 we will meet on Holt Gård for the first seminar.

Skärmavbild 2014-01-18 kl. 15.37.15On our first seminar we will let you know about the BINGN apprenticeship program and the schedule of the 3 year training. We also want to get to know each other and talk about our questions and expectations of the program.

But we will not only talk about the program, we will dive into the theme with

  • Lessons about soil, observing, arts and cultural history of agriculture and
  • Farm visits to get an impression of biodynamics in practice and to get inspired and taught by biodynamic farmers.

A detailed program will follow soon.
Still unsure if you want to take part in the BINGN education?

You are welcome to take part in the seminar to get know us and the apprenticeship program. During the days we want to give an impression of what the BINGN students can expect in the following years.
The seminar fee will be 1500 NOK including all meals and accommodation.

PLEASE NOTE: the first year of the program has no regular fee! You will pay per seminar. If you need financial support  to take part in the seminar, please contact us.

Holt Gård is situated in the south of Norway. You can read more information about the farm here:

For questions and to sign up for the seminar please contact us:

BINGN apprenticeship program starts February 2014!

The BINGN team has been working hard to organize the BINGN apprenticeship program. After travels to farms, conversations with many people, attending conferences, workshops and meetings, application for the apprenticeship program is now open!

You can find more information here and check out our flyer here.  Interested? Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.


BING global invites you to an “open conversation about the young biodynamic movement”

BING global invites you to an

Open conversation about the young biodynamic movement

Friday the 7th of February 2014, 7-8pm

at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.


Are you a young biodynamic enthusiast who wants to meet other young people? 

Do you have ideas, wishes, or questions about the young biodynamic movement?


We would like to meet you and hear your thoughts.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Thea Maria Carlson (Director of Programs, Biodynamic Association USA)

Clemens Gabriel (Young Organic Farmers Network Germany)

Laura Klemme (BINGN – Biodynamic Initiative for the New Generation Nordic)


This meeting is part of the International Biodynamic Agriculture Conference 2014

For more information visit


The new BINGN flyer

We have a new flyer! Feel free to print it out and pass along to those who you think might be interested in our Apprenticeship Program!BINGN-flyer-red

BINGN at Nordic Forum, Järna Sweden

The whole BINGN team has not been in the same country since July – so we are very excited to meet each other and present BINGN at the Nordic Forum in Järna, Sweden! Will we see you there? This year it is the Swedish Biodynamic Association’s turn to organise the Nordic Forum and the theme is:  The role of the cow in agriculture.

Laura and Clemens will present the BINGN Apprentice program on Sunday and during the forum we are also looking forward to meeting other farmers, organisations and biodynamic enthusiasts!

On Friday before the forum starts, the BINGN team will host a working meeting to develop and fine tune the plans for the Apprentice program which will start in February 2014.

We will post more updates soon!




BINGN Apprentice Program

BINGN will start up an apprentice program for biodynamic agriculture for the Nordic Countries in February 2014!

You will find a description of the program here and for the application form click here: Application for the BINGN Apprenticeship Program. If you still have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you! In today’s scenario where all our work is done on Internet, we need to think about double protection to our iPhones against all such attacks of virus so a good antivirus for iPhone is sort of a must


BINGN Summer Seminar on Aukrust Farm

BINGN is inviting you to a summer seminar on Aukrust Farm (read more about Aukrust here) in Lom, Norway, from the 23th until the 25th of August 2013.

Together we will prepare our meals out of regional, biodynamic and organic ingredients, go hiking in the impressive nature around Jotunheimen, get inspired by Aukrusts wonderful herb garden and enjoy the summer. In this atmosphere we shall discuss your questions, wishes and ideas around BINGNs education initiative.

During winter 2013/2014 BINGN will offer the first farm based, practical education for biodynamic agriculture in the Nordic lucky patcher apk countries. The students will work two years on a farm and visiting theory courses in the different countries. The project is still in the preparation phase.





Saturday Sunday
• arrival until 6pm

• supper 6pm

• “Biodynamic Herb gardening” farm walk on Aukrust Farm with Ola Aukrust

• breakfast 8am -9am

• “BINGN’s education initiative” Clemens and Laura will present the current situation of the project (nordic farm trip)

• 10:30am coffeebreak

• “What is the future asking from us? – How does the biodynamic education of the future need to look like?” conversation.

• 12:30pm lunchbreak

• 2 pm Hiking trip in the Jotunheimen Nationalpark

• 7pm supper and music by the fire


• breakfast 9 am -10am

• “What are my questions? -How do we work further on the education initiave?” world cafe?

• 11:30am coffee break

• wrap up the seminar

• 1 pm lunch



You can reach Lom by bus with the Gudbransdalekspressen. Check on



Nordgard Aukrust is placed in the region Oppland in Central Norway. In a spectacular surrounding of the Norwegian Mountains Aukrust Farm is growing 150 different types of herbs. On the farm the herbs get sorted, cleaned and mixed to tea and spice specialties. Since 1986 is the certified organic and biodynamic.



With your own sleeping bag you can sleep in the barn or in your own tent on Aukrust farm for free. If you prefer a more comfortable accommodation are there several opportunities in Aukrust’s surrounding.

Strind gard is a nice farm in walking distance from Aukrust farm, were you can book cheap lodging.

Fossheim Hotel is the most luxuries hotel in Lom with an excellent kitchen in Lom center.

For a complete overview of Lom’s accommodation places visit the pages and



The meals will be prepared mainly out of regional, organic ingredients. We will eat vegetarian. All meals are inclusive in the seminar fee.


Prices and payment

The whole seminar inclusive all meals and simple accommodation in your own sleeping bag will coast 700 nok. You can pay cash at the seminar or get a bill.


Sign up

You can now register by clicking here!  The sign up will close 16th of august.


For questions contact Laura Klemme:





BINGN–sommerseminar på Aukrust Gård i Lom

Fra fredag 23. august til søndag 25. august 2013 inviterer BINGN til sommerseminar på Aukrust Gård i Lom (les mer om Aukrust Gård her).

Vi lager mat av regionale, biologisk-dyanmiske og økologiske råvarer, går tur i den imponerende naturen rundt Jotunheimen, lar oss inspirere av den vidunderlige Urtehagen på Aukrust og nyter sommeren sammen. I denne atmosfæren skal vi ta opp spørsmål rundt BINGNs utdanningsinitiativ og er spent på deres ideer, ønsker og spørsmål rundt den planlagte utdanningen.

Vinteren 2013/2014 vil BINGN tilby den første gårdsbaserte praksisutdanningen for biologisk-dynamisk landbruk i Norden. Elevene skal jobbe to år på en gård i Norden og besøke teoriekurser i det forskjellige landene. Prosjektet er fortsatt i en planleggingsfase, og vi ønsker deres innspill på hvordan vi skal legge opp programmet.

Registrer deg her!


For mer informasjon kontakt Laura Klemme: