The BINGN Apprenticeship Program

 The Education

The BINGN Apprenticeship Program is a private full-time education in biodynamic agriculture.

As a student in this education, you will learn the most important aspects of running a farm and how to work on a farm as independently as possible.

The education also aims to give its students a profound understanding of their personal development for to become a strong individual and independent beeing and to implement these qualities into the farm oranisms they will be working with.

The Learning

The education consist of three main fields of learning:

  • the learning by doing & from an experienced farmer during the internships
    • ideally on 3 farms in 3 years time, thus 1 year on 1 farm. Starting with the first seminar.
  • the learning from teachers, farm-visits and fellow students during seminars
    • 6 seminars each year on different locations in NO/SE/DK/FI. Each seminar about 7-10 days.
  • the learning from yourself through documentation and reflection
    • via a (daily) logbook, frequent reflection sessions and personal mentor-talks.


The education aims to educate farmers. Therefore the curriculum will mainly contain specific subjects like soil science & soil cultivation, plant cultivation, animal husbandry, machinery, farm-economics, food processing, agricultural history & politics.

Biodynamic agriculture takes organic farming to a deeper level, and can be compared to an art form, where you, the farm, the soil, spirit and nature are integral and cooperates as an organic unity. In biodynamic agriculture the farm is a living organism that is part of its surrounding and place as a whole.

The curriculum will thus also contain holistic subjects such as astronomy, spiritual science, goetheanistic observation and arts.

See BINGN Course Aims & Objectives for a more detailed description of the curriculum.

You can read the BINGN-Handbook  for further information about the education. Click here for past seminar schedules.


Next course will begin in February 2020. If you are interested in the program, you can contact us for more information or fill in the application form. Deadline for applications is October 15, 2019.

If you already have relevant experiences or education, it might also be possible to join one of the existing groups.


Food and accommodation will be provided by the farms and the program, and you will receive a small wage as an employee on the farm. There is an apprentice fee of 20 000 NOK per year.