Imo Free Download For Samsung And Features Of Upgraded Version

For IMO free Download for Samsung, all you need to do is to establish a WIFI connection, go to the play store application and in the search bar, enter “IMO”. Select the install option and start downloading the application. If the application doesn’t download or shows some error, most probably is because when the download of application in your device from “unknown sources” has been blocked. For this, go to the settings>apps>advanced settings where you get the option “unknown sources”. Just click it and turn it on. Now go back to the play store and try reinstalling the app. It would resolve the issue.  The IMO free app, version works brilliantly on all the Samsung smartphones and renders perfect video experience to users.

Not only on Samsung, the utility of IMO app isn’t applicable and limited to one specific company. In fact, it runs well on all the mobile platforms be it Nokia, Sony, Lava, Asus, Huawei, Gionee etc. if the mobile phone is 3G enabled and has a decent front facing the camera, it will surely run the application without any issues. In fact, in terms of voice calling output and feedback, users have given the upgraded version a thumbs up. The voice output is clear, the image is fine and user interfaces perfectly.

Premium Features in the Upgraded Version of IMO:

  • User interface- the new, thin easy user interface of IMO application is perfect and it doesn’t lag in this aspect. The new upgraded version has the better and thin UI, which lets the user pop up the window to the small manageable window where the user gets the option of viewing the contacts, messages or even sneak into work on any other running application like ms word, office etc. The user interface has been worked upon so that it renders the best user ability to the user.
  • Improvised chat feature- along with working on the user interface, the chat feature has also been improved. The new upgrade gives the feature of group chatting option when a user would be able to chat with multiple contacts at the same time. However, this option is only available for the IMO users only. Users using some other messaging app won`t be able to get under the roof of this group chatting feature.
  • New IMO network- the makers have also included this time, a broadcast message option which they term it as the real-time sharing IMO for PC is on the left side of the application and is manageable from there. This feature lets the user put up a broadcast message and let their friends and relatives let know. Since primary it was an instant messaging app only, the makers included this feature to add more depth to their base.