Invitation to the 2nd BINGN seminar!

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10th – 16th of April 2014

Skillebyholm, Järna Sweden

(This seminar is part of the 3 years BINGN apprenticeship program)


In February 2014 the BINGN Apprenticeship Program started with its first seminar in Norway. Now we invite you to the second seminar of the 3 years apprenticeship program.

This time we will focus on the following themes:

  • Soil Science, springtime Soil Cultivation (practical examples, tools and machinery)
  • Botany an Plant Development
  • History of (Scandinavian) Agriculture
  • Meteorology

It is spring and we will spend a lot of the time outside, visiting farmers and gardeners to learn from them in practice.

We will stay at Skillebyholm, a biodynamic training center south of Stockholm. You can read more information about Skillebyholm here:

The seminar fee is 2000 NOK including accommodation and all meals. You will sleep in a dormitory together with the other students.

PLEASE NOTE: the first year of the BINGN Apprenticeship Program has no regular fee! You will pay per seminar. You can apply for travel support during the seminar.

Travel details:

Plane: There are two airports. A small airport called Skavsta (only for Ryanair flights), 60 km south of Järna or Arlanda aiport, 85 km north of Järna.

Train/bus: The easiest way to find a good connection is through
Bus stop “Skilleby” and then it is 5 minutes walk up the driveway to Skillebyholm.

Please sign up by the 4th of April via email to

For further information about the BINGN apprenticeship program please visit our homepage or contact us via

We are looking forward to hearing from you!