Biodynamic Network

The biodynamic Movement is spreaded around the globe and carried by farmers, teachers, researcher, consumer etc. If one should name a “center” it would be the Agricultural Section at the Goetheanum in Dornach (Switzerland), with its “Annual International Biodynamic Conference” beginning of February.

There a “Circle of Represantatives” meets twice a year to work on questions around the biodynamic movement, biodynamic conferences, biodynamic practice etc… Everyone who wants to join this circle to represent either herself/himself or a group, a country or something else is free to do so; just contact the agricultural section about it.

Future Biodynamics

Follow the links below to get in touch with different biodynamic “networks in the next generation”, young people or networks that work with biodynamic education and the future development of our biodynamic movement.

BINGN – Biodynamic Initiative in the Next Generation Nordic (Northern Europe)

BING – Biodynamic Iniative for the Next Generation (North America)

BING Global – Biodynamic Iniative for the Next Generation Global

Biodynamic Educations world wide