Next Generation Network

Welcome to the global network of biodynamics!

Here you will find a list of people who are engaged in their region to support & design the future of biodynamics.

If you want to be on that list or if you know someone that should be on that list, contact us know!


  • France
    • Nina Hoeffel;
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Scandinavia
    • “Biodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation Nordic”; Clemens Gabriel


  • USA
  • Costa Rica
    • Esteban Acosta Pereira: biodinamicatropical(at)
  • Chile & South America
    • Sebastian Calquin: sebascalquin(at)


  • China
    • Weihe Hu: greencommunity(at)


  • Uganda
    • George Kitogo Sserunjogi: gigi.kitogo(at)
  • Côte d’Ivoire
    • Zoro Mathurin: zoromathurindj(at)
  • Kenya
    • David Gathuka: d.gathuka(at)
  • Nigeria
    • Ayodele Taofiq-Fanida: ayodele.fanida(at)