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Most of us are becoming more and more aware of what we eat, how it is grown, where it comes from and how it is treated along the way. This is one of the most optimistic trends of our time; to see how the younger generations are becoming more and more aware of this, not only the ideas, but in action. Many who read this know Oslo Cooperative, where there are long waiting lists for membership, it is simply trouble finding enough vegetables to anyone who wants to order, be it organic or biodynamic products. Who will be our farmers? A profession where you cannot take your cell phone with you while milking, or download an app that shovels manure, this is hard physical work.

Do not despair – THEY ARE ALREADY THERE!
BINGN – a 3-years practice-based education in biodynamic agriculture started in February 2014 with 10 students from the Nordic countries. There is more demand and we will start a new course in March 2015. Students attend five to six seminars spread throughout the year at different locations in the Nordic countries, while they are living and working on farms in between, well equipped with tasks and homework. Well qualified teachers from the Nordic biodynamic environment are giving courses to various topics: there is much to be taught to be able to take responsibility for a farm. Soil, plant, economics, ownership, meteorology, astronomy, machinery…

Maybe we should all take such an education, thus really connect ourselves with the earth. Cultivating, refining the earth have been made throughout human history and is more important than ever; to be aware of what is under our feet. One can almost become religious to think deeply about this; get the experience of the earth as a living being.

The program is under construction and it takes time to get public recognition, yet the legal body is rooted in the biodynamic association in Norway. We have been fortunate to be well supported by some foundations in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, so the first year is secured.
If you are interested in supporting BINGN and these young future farmers with any amount, all hearts will be so excited; not least the hearts of the future.
We want to build up a circle of friends supporting the growth of our future food.


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