The BINGN Network

BINGN: Biodynamic Initiative for the New Generation – Nordic

BINGN is a new initiative which has the goal to recruit, connect and support the new generation of farmers and other activist who are working for a positive change of society. To meet the challenges of our world today, we need to connect and support each other to realize our vision and common goal!  BINGN is supported by the Biodynamic Association in Norway, and builds its values on biodynamic agriculture. It’s an open network where everybody is welcome to take part!

BINGN’s vision is a world where humans are aware of the relationship between humans, resources and environment and where one takes responsibility to produce and consume sustainably. The biodynamic agriculture is a role model for new economic and social forms for the whole society.

BINGN wants toIMG_2079

  • Recruit the new generation of farmers
  • Connect farmers for the exchange of experience and inspiration
  • Support farmers to master the challenges in everyday life

BINGN’s activities

  • Organize meetings, seminars and conferences at regional, national, Nordic and international level
  • Create channels of communication for the new generation of farmers (newsletter, meetings, interactive forum)
  • Organising and offering a unique practical training for biodynmics in the nordic countries

BINGN s history

Inspired by the American initiative BING four women from the Norwegian biodynamic movement started the initiative in February 2012.

The initiative group have organized two meetings in Norway since that gathered over 80 international participants who have discussed the questions:

What is biodynamic agriculture? What is anthroposophy? What can BINGN be?

The results of these meetings are the visions and goals of BINGN have since taken place.


BINGN needs YOU!

Interested in BINGN? To develop and spread BINGN’s idea we need all heart, hands and minds! Join BINGN by taking contact with the initiative group.

Support the BINGN students!

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