Join the next generation of biodynamic farmers in farming for the planet, for the animals, the people and the soil

As a student in our Apprenticeship Program, you will learn the most important aspects of running a farm and how to work on a farm as independently as possible and according to biodynamic principles. The program is strongly based on Anthroposophy.

Deadline for applications will be 15th October 2022

The BINGN Apprenticeship Program is undergoing some exciting changes, and the education will look different in the coming year. We look forward to sharing more information with you in June 2022. 

You will learn by working on selected farms and through seminars across the Nordic region. On the farm you will acquire practical skills and a deeper understanding of the farm as a living organism. The seminars explore several topics and ensure for a profound understanding of biodynamic agriculture and its role in society now and for the future.