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Join the next generation of biodynamic farmers in farming for the planet, for the animals, the people and the soil

As a student in our Apprenticeship Program, you will learn the most important aspects of running a farm and how to work on a farm as independently as possible and according to biodynamic principles. The program is  based on Anthroposophy.

The BINGN apprenticeship program is open to residents of the Nordic countries, EU and EES.  The program begins in April and ends in December of the third year.  Students have the possibility to take a total of 20 workdays of holiday during the first year, in the 2nd and 3rd year the students will come to an individual agreement with the farm they chose. Some previous experience in farming or gardening is preferable but not an absolute requirement.  We strongly recommend visiting the farms for the first year of your education, Fokhol Gård or Alm Østre, before staring the education.

You will learn by working on selected farms and through contributor-led content and seminars across the Nordic region. On the farm you will acquire practical skills and a deeper understanding of the farm as a living organism. You will explore several topics to ensure a profound understanding of biodynamic agriculture and its role in society now and for the future.

The fee for the program is 25.000 NOK per year. 

Application for 2024 is still open!

Students also have the opportunity joining the BINGN Apprenticeship Program at a later stage. Requirements to join after the 1rst basic year are either one year of agricultural education within an institution or minimum two years of practical experience in agriculture. Please fill out the application form and explain when you would like to join the education.

Application FAQs

Where are the farms?

The first (foundation) year of the BINGN Apprenticeship Program takes place in Norway on two neighbouring farms, Fokhol Gård and Alm Østre, where the students live, work and learn together. (In 2024 two more farms – Ullershov Gård and Ommang Søndre will be included in the first year the program).

During the second and third year, students will find their own internship farms in any of the Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and will come together for seminars in different locations and countries throughout the year. During the apprenticeship program, students will visit around 60 farms, gathering a broad range of impressions and knowledge.

More information on BINGN partner farms can be found on the Network page.

How much does it cost?

The fee for the program is 25.000 NOK per year. Fees are payable at the beginning of each year.

Can I get financial support?

There are a number of ways to find funding support from your local community. We recommend applying for support at different Foundations in your home country. If you are looking for financial support, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can try to help you in finding potential supporters.

Apply for grants and scholarships

There are probably many foundations, charities, scholarships, etc. in your country or region who can financially support your BINGN year.  Ask someone in your community who may know where to find more information and contacts or try Google.

Read the requirements for each grant carefully before applying. It will help you write a better application.

BINGN is an independent education and does not receive state funding. As a BINGN student you are not eligible for state funding for the education.

I am only interested in gardening, do I have to work with animals?

Biodynamics is a holistic approach where animals play a crucial role. Especially during the first year of the education – The Basic Year – the students are taking part in all activities on a diverse biodynamic farm, which includes animal husbandry. During the 2nd and 3rd year of the program, our students can choose to focus on their main fields of interest.

What is the language, do I need to speak a Nordic language? 

Our education is in English. In choosing your apprentice farm you will have to come to an agreement about the spoken language with the farmer.

Can I join the seminars if I am not doing an apprenticeship on a farm?

No, the practical aspect of the program is fundamental to the BINGN education.