Biodynamic initiative for the next generation – Nordic



Oliver & klara

Former BINGN students, Denmark

Oliver was one of the first BINGN students and graduated in 2017, while Klara started that year and completed her BINGN education in 2019. Since their graduation, Oliver and Klara have built their livelihoods in Denmark using biodynamic and holistic management methods on Barritskov land, and have just started Lærkehaven, their own company growing vegetables for local customers.

“BINGN gave us unforgettable memories and friendships, deep knowledge of biodynamics and most importantly, we found each other.”

Oskari Pikkarainen

BINGN graduate, 2019

“BINGN is full of impulses and group spirit. We work at farms all around the Nordic countries, we get together 5-6 times a year and we share our experiences. We develop and deepen our individual interests and we get the best teachers that the biodynamic/ anthroposophical movement has to offer in the region. 

We sing, we dance and we play. This is an exceptional way to study.”

Peter Müller-Temme

Teacher and Examiner, Sweden

“Looking at biodynamics in Sweden it is obvious that the lack of social diversity is as big as the loss of agricultural diversity. Farmers and gardeners are battling along by themselves. Visions of future farming and gardening are mostly void of attractive solutions for a rich social and cultural life in connection with it. 

Through their years of training, BINGN students have gained access to a broad network of farmers, scientists and teachers throughout Scandinavia. The social focus and competence impressed on me and gave me hope for their future enterprises.”

Elin Östlund

BINGN Teacher and Host Farmer, Norway

“BINGN is hope for the future. I have had the great pleasure of working with BINGN students for several years and see how important it is. After each seminar students come back full of inspiration, questions and new knowledge.

BINGN gives an opportunity for farmers who are already established not to stagnate, and for a new generation of farmers to go out into the world and make change. 

BINGN creates togetherness and networks for these people and thus for us all.”

Jens-Otto Andersen

Ph.D. Research Coordinator and Teacher, Denmark

Based in Denmark, Jens-Otto brings extensive experience in biodynamic farming and research to the BINGN Program. He is the co-founder of the Biodynamic Research Association Denmark and the International Research Association for Food Quality and Health.

“BINGN gives young participants a most valuable possibility to meet regularly as part of a formal course, covering all aspects of both biodynamic and key anthroposophical issues. I can fully recommend BINGN.”